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Mezzogiorno in progress? Non siamo meridionalisti



Middle ages of Globalisation




Antonio Corvino – Director-General OBI

We are living the middle ages of Globalisation, which is also the time of the big mutation. Mutation of some paradigms, such as the coexistence and the social composition, the economical organisation, the financial structure, the structural and cultural evolution, the communication means in all degrees and levels. Mutation of paradigms, such as the paradigm of thought development, constantly dominated by the interlacing between collective culture stretching back centuries and aware knowledge, but above all unaware, individual knowledge.

We should make sense and show the way, a historically positive direction towards the recovery of the human dimension by stressing aspirations, wishes, needs, the human will and considering them in the individual, social, collective perception: this should be our commitment. Each one of us according to his ability. We should express our disagreement and dissatisfaction with what is happening all around us, instead of hiding ourselves behind easy alibis and naïvegeneralizations. As for me, I am sick of the continuous attempt of distorting the truth with the daily statements about optimism, about the recovery around the corner, about useless and not demanded national proud, often out of place (Italy on its own can save itself!...). I am sick of the ostentation of uncritical attitudes towards illogical, presumed, pre-existing and shameful truths, preached by old-fashion Parties. I am sick of the dissemination of frightful political apathy, that it’s just about trust and entrustment... you will see...

Yet, for a proper revolt, we will have to recover the sense of boundary and proportion.

Prof. Rezig, an Algerian guest at the Sorrento Meeting, gave me a small box of desert dates. It was a simple and joyful present. It made me happy. It means to me a look into the Sahara desert, a free access to another culture, a continent that is calling us.

I received by the Polish delegation a small box of chocolates and a book on Precarpathia culture. Their eyes sparkled, while they were saying that it was just a little present. It is immeasurable; immeasurable like their culture and people who never gave up...

The Basque delegation gave me a small poetry book by Jose Angel Irigaray.

I believe this is the time to release the chains they are putting on our country (and on Mediterranean Europe); this is the time to rebel against all those people that are filling our Country of individual and collective insipience.

From a cultural standpoint, chains are the administration of false cultural models and the generation oflobotomy, alienating and deceptive laugh, unaccountability as a collective and shared choice.

From a social perspective chains are represented by the myth of eternal youth: after fabulous men and women in their 40’s and 50’s, now they are proposing fabulous men and women in their 60’s and 70’s, while there are no young people (on TV you permanently seefaces from 60’s and 70’s).

From an economic point of view, a ridiculous pride exists about a necessary, imposed and inescapable failure of the economic and productive system. The failure is around and about us; it is the price of Globalisation. Globalisation gave us the feeling of world equality, except for guarantying the survival of caste, privileged and untouchable people.

Talking about the European equilibrium, it seems to be subversive and irresponsible to call into question the fiscal compact, the relationship of percentage between GNP and deficit, may it never be the level of the public debt; meanwhile they are all trying to persuade people that it is our fault because we lived beyond our means, because we were simply chatterbox, because we were not competitive enough. They want us to feel guilty if we question the EURO and the European decisions that are actually choking Mediterranean economies and enriching the Northern European economies, that are still virtuos, competitive and connected to the European dream.

What a falsification!

The Italian government should indeed look for a serious coalition with Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, East Europe, Balkans, the Mediterranean tout court, in order to demystify all these nonsenses and insist on the unity of the European and Mediterranean economies about debts, monopolies (see the networks, the logistic, the energy, the banks), about the Euro and its exchange rate, about world market, tax systems, social services, work, capitals.

This way the Italian government would have on its side the Italian people and all governments of Euro-Mediterranean Countries. Then it really would make sense to ask and impose grips and sacrifices. Because this way, the country would have a perspective, a strategy not about survival, but about reconstruction of the Europe, ofthe human civil union. This would actually make sense in the process of mutation we are living. This would show the way to overcome, in a positive and creative manner, the Middle Ages of Globalisation. This would show the horizons of a new renaissance, striving towards man and humanity.

Is it really too much to ask? I believe it is simply to movein the right direction.


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