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Mezzogiorno in progress? Non siamo meridionalisti





The Regional Observatory Banks - Enterprises of Economy and Finance (OBI) was set up in Puglia in  1996 and converted in December 2005 in a consortium company. OBI aims at deepen the understanding of regional production systems, improve relations between banking and business and it can be considered a good instrument for analysis and planning of the development processes on the territory, with a particular focus on employment problems.

For this purpose and in order to acquire the necessary cognitive elements OBI produces systematically since 1997, the monitoring of industrial systems (for the sectors: manufacturing, construction, ICT, tourism) in the Southern Regions through surveys of structural and cyclical to assess changes in industrial development, employment and GDP.

Since 2007 the OBI shares with SRM (Naples) resources and responsibilities for the implementation of a structural survey that, from 2009 has been extended to all eight regions of Southern Italy.

OBI also collaborates with public universities at local and national level for the preparation of projects and sector studies. In this field OBI worked, most recently, with the Department of Economics of the University of Bari, at the Project Aquifalc "The eagle and the falcon fly together" the target was to create a support for the policies of international cooperation and socio-economic development to public administrations in Italy and in Albania.

OBI is part of an European network aiming at the analysis and the understanding of items related to the underdeveloped Countries in Europe such as East Germany, East Polland, South of Italy, Spain. In order to follow this very articulate and complex project, OBI in 2009 attended the International Meeting who took place in Warsaw with personalities, professors, researchers, politicians from all over Europe and in July 2011, OBI itself has organized another step of this process through the organization of another International Meeting that in two days has seen experts, professors, entrepreneurs, researchers, follow one other to discuss about the age old problem of underdevelopment of some areas in Europe also in the light of the current worldwide economic crisis. This important Meeting will be an appointment that will happen every year.

OBI's headquarters in the directional district of Bari.

The annual Report by OBI for the monitoring of industrial and manufactoring systems.

To carry out these activities and by following his vocation to seek fruitful exchanges of knowledge, OBI has made a series of agreements with some of the most important public research Institutions and individuals. From 2006 to 2010, OBI is working with the  Guglielmo Tagliacarne Institute for estimating key economic variables for the regions of Southern Italy, especially the GDP, which is analyzed at the level of individual municipalities.

Gugliemo Tagliacarne Institute, Rome.

Since 2007 the OBI shares with SRM - Associazione Studi e Ricerche per il Mezzogiorno - resources and responsibilities for the implementation of a structural survey that, from 2009 has been extended to all eight regions of Southern Italy.
OBI's and Srm's Presidents Matarrese and Pepe signing the cooperation agreement, Naples.


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